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Within Wendover Parish and the Moor Park Estate. This map shows the boundary...

Wendover parish and Moor Park boundary map

The Trust pays grants using online banking, so once a grant is approved payment can be made within a few days.

There is no limit to the number of applications that can be made and each will be reviewed individually and discussed based on its own merits.

There is no maximum (or minimum) amount that can be applied for but, for large projects, the Trust would be looking for other funding opportunities to also be investigated by the applicant.

Grants received from Lionel Abel-Smith Trust do not affect your benefits.

Anytime! Although the majority of grants are reviewed at the Annual Meeting in April, the Trust accepts applications throughout the year.

Applications are reviewed as soon as GDPR consent has been given by the applicant.

All applications are handled by the Trustees in the strictest confidence.

Grants do not need to be paid back. The exception to this is where there has been a change of circumstances relating to the need for a grant. For example, if a trip or a training course to be funded by a grant is subsequently cancelled and refunded by the organiser, we would expect the grant monies to be returned to the Trust.

Where a grant has been awarded to pay for specific equipment/courses, the Trust asks for copies of the receipts to be sent to the Clerk within 30 days.

Grants cannot be given retrospectively.

Grants cannot be given to pay off debts or rent arrears.

Amendments can be discussed with the Trustee handling the application, or the Clerk, should they become necessary.

All applications are considered carefully, however, the decision of the Trustees is final. There is no appeal process or reasons for decline given.

Each application is reviewed individually so there is no problem in applying for a grant for a different purpose.

Grants from Lionel Abel-Smith Trust are not means-tested but individual circumstances will be considered.

When there is a vacancy it will be advertised in Wendover News and on the LAST website, please see the job description on the site. LAST welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

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